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Antonio E Amador

Antonio E. Amador is a visual artist who uses photography, digital design and computer painting to portray the beauty of a place, the excellence of man creations and the impressions of nature. A graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications (B.S. 1990) he dropped the motion picture camera for the still picture camera to capture the joy of a sunny day, the breathtaking sight of a mountain top, and the charm of cobblestoned city of olden times. Founding his own line of postcards of the island of Puerto Rico he sought to show the best of his native land as never done before. At the same time Amador served the imaging and promotional printing needs of most of the Paradores and small inns in the island, which evolved into servicing brand names like InterContinental, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and Marriott. In 2006 Amador began experimenting with digital painting and was fascinated by the results, jumping into the creation of some experimental jobs and gaining an assignment to exclusively produce the art for a 501 bedroom, 4-star hotel, The Sheraton Centro de Convenciones, San Juan. Currently Amador lives with his family in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area and continues his quest for portrayal of beauty, feasting on the wonderful seasonal changes and extraordinary colors of the continental flora and landscape. His art has evolved into a more abstract, impressionistic portrayal of this beauty that surrounds us everyday, though very few stop to notice.

Tony, as he is locally known, led the Cylburn Arboretum Photo Walks from 2011 through 2015 and inspired many to take their photography to an artistic level.

Currently Tony continues to shoot quality images using his iPhone mainly for personal pleasure although always thinking on how to better share his gift with the World. Stay tuned!

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